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Goud € 43.653,96
Zilver € 517,95
Platina € 27.462,84
Palladium € 47.320,43

The highest price for your gold. That’s what Van der Meulen Edelmetaal offers its customers since 1799. After more than 200 years this is still our way to conduct business; thus making us an established and reliable partner in the field of buying gold.

You want to sell your gold for cash? Or silver, platinum or palladium? At Van der Meulen Edelmetaal you sell your precious metals easy, fast and for the highest price.

How do I get cash for gold?

  1. Van der Meulen Edelmetaal makes a preliminary estimate based on your call or e-mail.
  2. We send our own courier to pick up your gold and deliver it to us with the highest level of attention and security! No costs involved.
  3. Your precious metal waste will be melted immediately and analyzed the next day.
  4. Our purchase prices are aligned with the current price. All precious metal analyses are carried out by Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland B.V. (Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland B.V. has been designated as independent legal entity charged with the implementation of this law by the Minister of Economic Affairs within the framework of the Dutch Assay Act.
  5. The result is processed in a final quote.
  6. Once you have confirmed you are happy with our offer and wish to sell your gold for cash, we will arrange payment immediately.

When buying gold the whole process – from weighing to pricing – is clear and transparent. You not only receive the best price for your gold. We also will arrange payment immediately. Processing and payment run smoothly into each other.

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Current gold price

You want to sell your gold for cash? Arrange it right now! Check the latest gold price for a price quote.

What determines the value of gold ?

The price of gold is determined daily based on demand and supply . Gold can not be created by people , and therefore we are in terms of range depending on what comes out of the ground. The extraction of gold , and thus the supply is fairly constant and not on significant changes. Demand for gold , however, change it regularly. Jewelers like jewelry making , various electronic devices have gold needed and investors often choose to invest part of their assets in gold . Gold is regarded as a permanent way of value investing, because stocks are more vulnerable to loss of value.

How the interplay between supply and demand is summed up in a price determined by the London Gold Fixing. BID discuss the five members of the London Gold Pool on the current gold price. The price given determines the London Gold Pool is used worldwide as a practical price.

The current gold price and the purchase of gold

No single piece of jewelery consists entirely of gold. The metal is namely too soft to be worked effectively . The amount of gold in a piece of jewelry is considered carats. Often this is also indicated by a three digit stamp in the jewelry itself . The usual proportions are as follows :

Carat Amount of gold
Three-digit  imprint
8 karaat 33,3% 333
9 karaat 37,5% 375
14 karaat 58,5% 585
18 karaat 75% 750
20 karaat 83,3% 833
21 karaat 87,5% 900
22 karaat 91,6% 916

Besides buying gold Van der Meulen Edelmetaal is happy to help you with:

Do you have questions or do you want to sell gold?

Contact us. We are available by telephone at +31 (0)513 – 468110 or e-mail:

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Over Van der Meulen

Al meer dan 200 jaar is Van der Meulen Edelmetaal toonaangevend op het gebied van edelmetaal recycling. Wij zijn als één van de weinige een gespecialiseerd inkoper van goud met het financieel gezond certificaat. U kunt dus gerust uw goud verkopen aan Van der Meulen Edelmetaal.


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